Processed Bentonite For Livestock And Poultry Feeding

Under the license of Veterinary Organization
No heavy elements

Cat litter known as MIO MIO and BAMISHI trade mark

High-grade soil
High quality
High absorption
No odor, no moisture

Processed bentonite for agriculture

High aqua absorption
Extraordinary cationic exchange
Molecular screening

Bentonite for earthing, oil drilling, casting industry

Drill lubrication and lubricating the drill legs
Reasonable price and quality comparing charcoal and salt
Reduction of depth and volume of earthing structures

Custom vitamin and mineral supplements for livestock and poultry

Supplements for broilers
Supplements for laying hens
Supplements for breeders
Supplements for livestock

Imported products and micronutrients for livestock and poultry

Multi enzyme
L – carnitine
Sodium bicarbonate
Choline chloride

Magnesium oxide with different purity degrees

High quality
Verity of purity degrees


The extracted montmorillonite from processed sodium bentonite of the best mines of Iran with the highest grade of purity and totally natural which is processed by latest technology of the world, has a great role to absorb the toxins and improves the immunity system function and improves the conversion factor

Toxin binder

Is used to inhibit food poisonings and metabolic symptoms caused by fungal toxins in cereals especially aflatoxins and to inhibit problems of mold and fungi and their toxins including mycotoxins

Pellet binders

Are used to improve the quality of pellet
Comprising especial characteristics
Standard stickiness

Bento bind

Bento bind is affective to:
inhibit the poisonings caused by fungal toxins,
increasing feed consumption,
increasing daily growth,
restraining … in livestock fed by high levels of concentrates,
inhibiting the ammoniac poisoning,
decreasing the …. In young lambs and calves which are recently cut from breast feeding.

Bento Max Plus

Consisting aluminosilicate ingredients, glucomannan, yeast septum
Highly effective in absorbing mycotoxins and inhibiting the diseases caused by these type of toxins
Resistance against high temperature up to 98°ϲ

CHITIKA GROUP using the best quality row materials from the most creditable European sources and with the support of quality control equipped laboratories and with assistance of experienced experts and considering the standards of Veterinary, has succeeded to produce a reliable supplement to gain the max efficiency in livestock and poultry herds