CHITIKA holding was founded in 2005 by establishing a poultry unit with 20000 laying hens. It continued by establishing another unit in 2007.

By employing professional experts of feeding and poultry & livestock farming, R&D unit has started its mission to research and collect the essential data for poultry and livestock industry and to broadcast its results to give scientific advice in feeding and management of poultry and livestock farming.

CHITIKA group considering the industry’s demand to Micronutrients and in order to reduce the outgoing costs of production and to help the scientific improvement of this industry has proceeded to import and distribute high quality micronutrients from creditable companies of the world in format of another company.

The experts of CHITIKA with the assistance of university professors and feeding scientists and researchers of livestock and poultry farming and considering the mineral high potential of IRAN and of course the demand of this industry to toxin binder and plate binder, established a factory called CHITIKA BINDER to produce especial processed bentonite for livestock and poultry industries using high-grade row material with high purity. Fortunately the products of this company could gain a remarkable position in the market based on its acceptable results in poultry farms. CHITIKA group using the modern machinery and in corporation with research organizations and university professors, produces verity of vitamin and mineral additives and concentrates for poultry and livestock known as CHITIKA trade mark; Also distributes its products with free scientific supporting services.

We are honored to be reliable for poultry and livestock industries and this has caused us to be creative and innovative enough to present everyday new services.


  • CHITIKA is honored to present following services
  • Quality control analysis
  • Free scientific services
  • Free advice on feeding ratio and breeding management